What we do

Quality Assurance is the center of the wheel in ICT division of an organization. It is a hub of activity and information. As such a lot of information flows through it and needs to be communicated to the appropriate groups, at the appropriate time and in a way that is easily understood. It needs to be in the correct language.

Why you need Software Testing?

It is a smart thing to do

  • Testers provide information of the findings from executing tests.
  • This provides insight into the products readiness for use and its acceptance for use by the customers.
  • This information is used to determine perceived quality. It is good to have when you really need it
  • Testing is “preventative medicine” or insurance for a company
  • Testing is one of the best ways to help a company to reduce rework, reduce release cycles and minimize the loss of money during a project or after release.
  • It minimizes the effects of the cost-to-fix curve.
  • Finally, testing provides “soft” rands benefits to a company and allows it to keep more of its revenue.
  • Who needs this QA Information?

    Typically testers think it is only development, project management and the end-user customer. But our Testers understands that we provide this information also to:

  • Marketing/sales
  • Technical support/customer service
  • IT/infrastructure
  • Senior management
  • Test Automation Training

    Make Automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate.Automated tools help deliver quality software at the speed of your business needs.

    Automated Testing allows business to achieve:

  • Cross Browser and multi-platform Testing
  • Optimized distributed testing
  • Multiple Testing Solution
  • GUI and API testing
  • Benefits of Automated Testing

  • Reduce Risk: Provide more comprehensive test coverage which may not be possible manually due to time constraints or hard-pressed deadlines.
  • Reduce Time: Automated scripts run substantially faster than manual scripts and can be run unattended, 24/7,
  • Reduce Time: Automated scripts run substantially faster than manual scripts and can be run unattended, 24/7, across multiple platforms, browsers and environments simultaneously, which reduces the overall time taken to complete testing cycles.
  • Improve Reliability: Once automated tests are developed, the tests will consistently perform the same operations for every run. This effectively eliminates human errors made by manual testers.
  • Reduce Cost: Re-using automation scripts that have been previously executed against other versions of the application removes the need to create new scripts for new versions.
  • Improve Quality: With automation, you can increase the depth and scope of testing possible for each release.Increased coverage will allow you to uncover bugs earlier.
  • New methods of developing Software requires that Quality Assurance engineers be equipped with test automation to enable quick time to market without compromising quality.